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What is Tuff Gal Kennel?

Tuff Gal Kennel is my half of a husband and wife kennel. My husband Dougs half is Tuff Guy Kennel. I raise and breed English Bulldogs. He raises and breeds American Bulldogs.


My husband is expecting a litter of pups from Saddie and Tank the first week in September. You can get more info. from his website www.tuffguykennels.com

One of our other females is coming into heat also. We will be mating Sissy and tank in the next couple weeks and expect a litter in November 2007.

 To see pics of both sets of potencial proud parents go to my puppies page.

English vs American

 Some say that American Bulldogs date back as early as 50 A.D. in wars and in the coliseums. IN the 1100s they were used for bull-baiting. In the 1840's bulldogs were befriended by the working man. In 1859 bulldogs began their show careers. And now flourish in the show ring and a wonderful family pets. American Bulldogs are much bigger than its counterpart the English Bulldog in every way except that famous bullheadedness.

 English Bulldogs have the same history as their cousins the American Bulldogs. English Bulldogs were bread to be short, and stocky. While American Bulldogs were bread to be bigger and more muscular.